Trip Log: Trip 4

D., Y., and Fuse dropped in for a quick run from Cassell to Barringer with a goal of getting into Lee's crawlspace.

The whole run very hot and cramped; the new pipes they installed didn't exactly help the already cramped space. There were sections where we had to crawl along the floor.

We were excited to try to get out of the cramped run quickly at Lee, but the crawlspace was completely blocked off by the new pipes that were installed as part of the Steam Tunnel Upgrades project. We ended up having to complete the run to Barringer.

I was aware of the grate at Barringer, but I didn't know about the manhole. It turned out to be a better exit than the grate; unlike the grate, it was actually behind some bushes. Even though it was relatively hidden, we had B. come and make sure the coast was clear.

All in all, this was a pretty disappointing run and wasn't really worth it; the cramped space and heat simply don't make this run worthwhile for most people.