Trip Log

Trip 9

D., Snipe, and Snipe's friend met up at 1 AM and headed off to Lane Stadium with a goal of reaching the top of one of the two lighted towers.

Trip 8

I met up with Snipe and one of his friends around 3:20 AM or so after D. had passed up on this trip. Our goal was to run the Fralin-Dietrick tunnel.

Trip 7

So I lied last time; I did the Hillcrest-Greenhouses run again. I met up with Snipe from VTExploration around 1 AM at Hillcrest. After making sure West Campus Drive was clear of cars, we removed the manhole in front of Hillcrest and went in.

Trip 6

D. and Fuse dropped in at the grate in front of Litton Reaves. We initially planned to enter at Hillcrest, but we moved down to Litton Reaves because a car had passed while we were opening the manhole.

Trip 5

C., N. and Fuse dropped in at the Barringer grate with the intention of completing the run to the Power Plant. It was the first time C. and N. had ever been tunneling, so we weren't sure if we would be able to make it.

Trip 4

D., Y., and Fuse dropped in for a quick run from Cassell to Barringer with a goal of getting into Lee's crawlspace.

Trip 3

The three of us, D., B., and I left our dorms at around midnight and headed off toward "The Cage." We knew that we wanted to explore some of the new steam tunnels over in the Life Sciences District, but we weren't sure about entrance points..

Trip 2

So, I felt like it was about time to explore the steam tunnels again. I had told some of the people in my dorm about my previous trip, so I thought I would bring one of them along as well. I was originally planning on bringing along my friend from high school that I brought last time too, but she decided not to come this time because she wasn't feeling well. So it was just me and one of my hall mates.

Trip 1

I had read about Virginia Tech's steam tunnels online and made careful note of the grates and manholes that lead to the tunnels around campus, but tonight I finally decided to take the plunge and explore one for myself. I was joined by one of my friends from high school.