Trip Log: Trip 5

C., N. and Fuse dropped in at the Barringer grate with the intention of completing the run to the Power Plant. It was the first time C. and N. had ever been tunneling, so we weren't sure if we would be able to make it.

After climbing down the ladder, we took a right, heading north toward East Eggleston. The run continued on much like the Cassell-Barringer run, except it got a little wet near the end. There was probably about four inches of water or so on the ground; I believe it started somewhere near Vawter. It was wet until the step down in the tunnel next to Hokie Grill; there was some sort of drain or pump on the floor there.

After the steps down, the tunnel opened up a bit; we could stand up pretty easily. The lights were on in this section and were on for the remainder of the run. We eventually hit a turn in the tunnel at which we had to climb up a short ladder on the right side of the lower tunnel into a slightly higher section of tunnel.

The tunnel made a few turns, and we entered a long, straight run of tunnel that ran past Newman Library and Torgersen. The chapel subtunnel on the left side looked pretty interesting, but we weren't exactly interested in setting off a motion detector, so we skipped it. Although I was looking, I didn't see the subtunnel to the library. I pointed out the "good exit" marking on the side of the tunnel that B. had mentioned wasn't so true previously.

Shortly after passing Torgersen, the tunnel made a short turn, then continued straight. Eventually we passed the entrance to the tunnel that runs toward Burruss. I was a bit disappointed; it's difficult to enter that run because of all the pipes that are in the way. The run also looked pretty cramped, but I can deal with that.

We continued on in the main tunnel and turned right, following the tunnel toward the power plant. The tunnel was really large here, but also really hot, so we didn't spend too long exploring this section. The tunnel turned left toward the power plant and eventually ended in a wall with a small grate.

Instead of popping out some of random manhole or grate, we instead opted to trace our way back and come out at the Barringer manhole, as I did last time with D. and Y. As we traced our way back, I once again tried to look for an entrance to the library subtunnel, but was unsuccessful. I'll have to look better next time, I guess.

All in all, this was a pretty successful run; I think it was a pretty decent way to spend the evening.