Tunnels: Femoyer-Power Plant

This section is tunnel is one of the largest on campus. The pipes in this section are huge because they carry the steam for most of the campus. Since they're so big and carry so much steam, it's pretty common for pipes to crack around here. It looks like they've had to make a number of repairs to the pipes here, including one in the January before I explored this tunnel.

I guess it goes without saying that a section of tunnel with pipes that carry most of the steam for campus is pretty hot, so you probably won't be spending too much time here. Fortunately, this run is pretty short, so you can cover the whole run without too much problem.

The tunnel begins after the tunnel turns behind Femoyer Hall and continues straight up Old Turner Street, which runs next to the power plant. A little way up the street, the pipe turns 90 degrees to the left as it runs through some grates into the power plant. I do not believe that these grates are unlocked, providing no access from the tunnel to the power plant, which is probably a good thing, since the plant is staffed 24/7.

Sadly, there's no access to the tunnels on the Upper Quad from this run. Those tunnels actually end at the Art and Design Learning Center, which was the power plant when they were built. There's a separate tunnel that runs from the Art and Design Learning Center to the Power Plant, which is also inaccessible from this run.

As far as getting out goes, there's really no way to exit unless you head back the way you came. There's no access to any of the buildings and all the grates are in a pretty open area.